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Being Your Most Authentic Self

  • December 14, 2021
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • CST Zoom -- link to be provided 2 days before the event


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This virtual, interactive event will explore how the notion that we all want to live life to the fullest and be more fulfilled oftentimes seems unattainable. That’s because we are conditioned to constantly look outside ourselves for gratification and solutions. The answers to human mental and emotional problems are in how we relate to ourselves. By going inward to cultivate self-awareness, be more introspective, and develop mindfulness you can approach yourself, others, and your work authentically and connect to your meaning more purposefully.

Erin's insights will introduce you to new concepts and tools to apply in all aspects of your daily life.

About Erin Coupe

As founder of Authentically EC (, Erin Coupe is a writer, facilitator, and executive whose passion is to help people lead better lives by guiding them to self-actualization. Her clients range from high-powered corporate executives to members of global associations to staff and athletics at major universities.

Erin’s 17+ years in three global corporations, including years at Goldman Sachs, brings a grounded, credible, pragmatic approach to guiding people forward. Her progressive studies in neuroscience for business, human energetics, and transformational inner-work thoughtfully provokes and inspires audiences to cultivate a deeper relationship inward. Through storytelling, unique insights, and real-life application of her learning and wisdom, Erin shares the possibilities of better ways of being and leading in the modern world.

As a widely recognized thought leader of whole well-being and authentic leadership, Erin's positive impact on people, culture, and collective mindset is welcomed by organizations globally. Whether tailoring and facilitating leadership programs, delivering workshops, keynote speaking or writing, Erin empowers people to develop emotional awareness, mental agility, and up-level their inner game.

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