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Being A Better Performing Executive Athlete

  • October 17, 2023
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Being A Better Performing Executive Athlete

Facilitated by Andy Feltovich

As an executive and businessperson, do you consider yourself a professional athlete?  You should!  An athlete is someone who’s paid for his or her mental and physical performance.  When you don’t have the mental endurance to stay attentive through long meetings, it hurts your bottom line.  When you can’t travel to see a client because you threw out your back, it hurts your bottom line.

Now that you’re an athlete, how do you train?  Fortunately, being an executive athlete doesn’t mean long hours in the gym or draconian diets.  Exercise and diet are important but simpler than you might think.  Being an executive athlete also includes several areas you might not have immediately thought of, such as sleep, footwear, and a few key health hacks.  Did you know that the earth is potentially a source of infinite inflation relief?  That all you have to do is take off your shoes?  We’ll cover grounding and several other easy tips for better health and performance.

Andy Feltovich is a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast.  He is also LWCN's SME for Health & Fitness.  Andy’s been teaching fitness professionally since 2015.  As a current banker and former bank regulator and Big 4 consultant, he knows the challenges of trying to stay healthy while juggling the demands of business and travel.  Join him and LWCN for one hour that will make you a better you.

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