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Congratulations on joining the C-Suite!

October 04, 2021 1:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Fred Siegman, Founding Member and LWCN's SME on Strategic Relationship Building

You became your CSMO, Chief Self-Marketing Officer the day you were born. Everything you have ever said or done has contributed to your personal brand. So now that you know you have this responsibility and authority, what can you do to add to your success?

Start with some basics like how you dress, talk, and your everyday actions. These items make the first impression of you. You may like wearing jeans, a t-shirt, showing your tattoos and piercings but that may not always work for meeting new people. The words you use, your style of talking, body language, and things like manners influence how people think of you.

Think of organizations. They include professional, business, civic, fraternal, religious, and cause related. Your involvement will contribute to your reputation and lead to new relationships.

What meetings and events have you decided to attend? Who will be attending those meetings that you want to meet? When you go to a social gathering, the people you meet will give you opportunities to build your personal brand. Every interaction has some brand impact from small to large.

Have you ever done public speaking? You can do it solo, part of a panel, or serve as a moderator. Your audiences can range from a few people to a very large group. If you feel uncomfortable, think small. Invite a few people to a group and lead the discussion. Another option, you can ask someone you know who you find interesting to be your featured speaker, invite others to attend, and then you interview the speaker.

Last, but not least, people often consider writers to be experts. Writing includes social media and blog posts, newsletter articles, perhaps a book, any place where people will read your words. Some hire people or companies to write for them because they may be too busy or just feel uncomfortable writing their own content.

They key to making everything work, strategy! Identify your goal and then create a plan to make it happen.

Fred Siegman founded Siegman Consulting Services, Chicago in 1996.  A lifelong Serial Connector┬«, his practice focuses on helping diverse clients seek corporate board of directors positions.  Fred received an MBA from Chicago Booth and a B.S. from the University of Illinois Chicago. Learn more about Fred by clicking here.

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