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If you like seeing the same people week after week, believe you’ve learned all you need to, don’t care what experience the individuals in the room bring to the conversation, and insist upon that room being a physical one, you really should not apply to Leading With Courage Network. We’re not for you.

However, if you like greater variety of deeper connections and relationships every quarter, speaking with subject matter experts on the things important to you, following through on the commitments you make to yourself, dealing with C-suite level members and love how efficient an all-virtual experience can be, you’ve come to the right place at Leading With Courage Network. We definitely should talk.


1.  Geographically Diverse

Being all virtual, we’re not defined by location. So you can connect to who you want to when you want to. And you won’t have to waste two hours or more each day traveling to and from a networking event to do it. Welcome to membership without boundaries.

2.  Invitation Only To Senior-Level Advisors

Many networking groups can be a mixed bag of people at every level, making some events fruitful and others a total waste depending on who shows up. LWCN doesn’t have that problem. We’re exclusively focused on advisors with over 10 years of experience who are passionate about building lasting connections.  An in-person interview is followed by a screening for Emotional Intelligence (EI).

3.  Deeper Relationship Building

Seeing the same faces in the room can get stale. And worse, it has a shelf life for how many connections you’ll get. That’s why LWCN re-shuffles each Group of 14-16 members every six months. Plus, you meet with at least one other member of your Group in-between the regular monthly meetings.  This experience is further enhanced with the opportunity to complete an Everything DiSC assessment and a Six Types of Working Genius Assessment, both of which are designed to provide insights into your workplace preferences, and tendencies.

4.  Advice From True Experts At Every Turn

You’re facing a challenge causing you great concern. Who can you turn to in an advisory role? The very same group you build networking connections in. Besides the interactions you’ll enjoy far and wide with fellow members in a virtual networking setting, you’ll also be able to share your issues confidentially with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Marketing, Law, HR, Finance, Management and more through Virtual Office Hours each month. If you’re determined to find clarity, Leading With Courage Networking is the group to ensure you get it.

5.  15-Day Money Back Guarantee

There's no-risk to joining Leading With Courage Network because of our 15-day money back guarantee.  If, within 15 days of your first Group meeting, you tell us that LWCN isn't what you expected, we'll send you (or whomever paid your dues) a check for 100% of what you paid -- no questions asked.

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