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Since March 2023, Members of LWCN have the opportunity to work with Dan Gershenson, LWCN Founding Member and our Subject Matter Expert on Marketing, to record short videos that introduce them to prospective clients.  Some topics covered in each video are:

    • The Member's background
    • A description of their ideal target client
    • How they are different from other advisors
    • What others are saying about them

We are doing this to raise awareness of the diversity and depth of the expertise that LWCN Members can bring to projects and to stream line networking with them.  At the end of each video is the opportunity to make a complementary appointment with the Member who was profiled.

We also suggest you view our list of Subject Matter Experts, who are also available for complementary 30-minute consultations.

As more Members take advantage of this opportunity we'll be posting their videos here, so check back regularly.

(Tap on a Member's headshot to view his or her video.)

David Spitulnik

Spitulnik Advisors

Founding Member and LWCN's Subject Matter Expert on Strategy and Leadership Advisory

Call or Text us:
+1 (262) 412-4710

Email us:

680 N. Lake Shore Drive

Suite 709

Chicago, IL. 60611

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